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About "TREBL"

Trebl steel wheels, registered trade mark, are produced in highly equipped, automated factories in Asia. Quality is being strictly confirmed at all production steps. Trebl plants supply wheels to production lines of such car manufacturers, as GM, Ford, VW and to the following countries as Canada, the USA, Australia and Europe. The factories follow ISO 9001 quality management system.

100% of the wheels pass run- out and balance tests. For painting only high qualified paint is used, which protects the products from influence of street reagents.

Trebl have been manufactured since 2008 and got its popularity due to its safety and reasonable price. Trebl offers wheels in wide range of dimensions, from 13 to 17 inches for passenger cars and light trucks, with parameters which are the same as car manufacturers have. The car owner can easily find wheel suitable for its car and will have no need to use any additional devices in order to mount it.

In order to save the surface, wheels are supplied in carton boxes.